Climate Action - Margaret Meade

You're here to save the planet.  Me too. 

Hello!  Welcome to Tree Street, a Climate Action Platform for individuals, organizations, and local communities.  I am Mike Dickhout, the founder.

Like so many, we've been inspired by Greta Thunberg.  Specifically, one of her frequent keen observations led to Tree Street's inception:

 "To do your best is no longer enough.  
We must all do the seemingly impossible."


As usual, she's spot on.  Our current approaches to climate action are not working.   To do the seemingly impossible, we must do things differently.  

We need new, more powerful paradigms, tools, and projects.  As a platform, Tree Street is one place where people and organizations can meet, collaborate, develop, and execute on these new, more powerful paradigms, tools, and projects. 

Our Mission is to connect you with all the people, organizations, community groups, knowledge, resources, tools, and funding you need to maximize the impact of your own series of planet-saving projects. 

As a community, we'll help each other grow and compound both our individual powers and our collective impact ~ relentlessly ~ until the world is safe. 

Our Vision is for our members, their organizations, and their projects to restore the world to a stable, life-sustaining climate and biosphere.

REPLACE: We must replace fossil fuel use with renewable power ~ in our daily lives and homes, in our communities, businesses, and industries ~ globally.  Net-zero is not enough.  We must be as near-zero as possible.

REMOVE:  We must remove at least forty years of carbon emissions in order to return atmospheric carbon to a level conducive to a thriving biosphere.  This is approximately 350 parts per million or less.  (The planet was at 350ppm in the 1980s.  In March 2021, we hit 420 ppm for the first time).  

RESTORE: We must restore and protect global and local ecosystems ~ from the oceans to the Amazon, Congo, Indonesian, and Siberian forests to your own local flora, fauna, rivers, streams, and lakes.

These three core goals are actionable and achievable.  In fact, if you are reading this, you are already (or on the cusp of) pursuing at least one of the three core goals ~ individually or as part of an organization.





Your (and your organizations') projects and ideas, and are exactly what the world needs.  

  1. Announce all your projects and crowdsource the help you need in CALLS TO ACTION (CTA).  (No project is too big or too small.  People always want to help!).
  2. Add your project to the TREE STREET DIRECTORY to make it easy for potential supporters to find you.
  3. Create a WORKING GROUP for closer collaboration with supporters.
  4. Create a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. You get 100% of donations directly to you.
  5. Give updates in the NEWSFEED and with a Blog, Vlog, or Podcast in JOURNEYS.

With each success, we'll all be empowered to take on increasingly audacious planet-saving projects.


Your First Moves . . .


For organizations, Tree Street rallies the entire community behind your mission, agenda, projects, and goals.  We extend your reach, influence, and impact, making you unstoppable with more active members, supporters, resources, and funding.

Tree Street is a great, safe place for your membership to meet online and coordinate projects and events.  Its also a great place to recruit new members, and meet and collaborate with other organizations anywhere in the world.

1. Have all your members join Tree Street as individuals.

2. Have one member (e.g. an organization leader) create a Working Group and/or Directory Page for your organization, and invite all your members to join the Group and/or Page.

3. You can also create joint-Working Groups with other organizations open to each organization's members.

4. You can post your organization's news and events on your Group and Page, as well as in Calls To Action and the Community Newsfeed.